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eutectic plates for refrigerated body

How Eutectic Plates Refrigeration Works ?

Refrigeration in a cold van works in the same way as in a regular household refrigerator. The refrigerant passes through the compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator.

Temperature and pressure changes created in this process cause the refrigerant to condense into liquid form and then evaporate.

The low-temperature and low-pressure vaporized gas that comes out of the evaporator keeps the inside of the cargo box cool. What sets the cooling system in a cold van apart from that of a regular refrigerator is that is uses the cold vaporized gas from the evaporator to freeze the choric solution inside the eutectic plates, which is set to freeze at -40℃ by adjusting its concentration. The frozen coolant inside the eutectic plates keeps the truck body cool during the day.

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