Eutectic refrigeration and eutectic plates

Eutectic refrigeration and cooling

Eutectic refrigeration and cooling is to use of cold energy absorbed by a eutectic solution in the eutectic plates. The system of eutectic cooling is similar to the ice-mold system put in to keep the water cold. The working principle of the system is as simple as it is efficient. Eutectic refrigeration and cooling system is special designed to be used mostly in ice cream and frozen food distribution.

a. Eutectic plates can absorb energy and keep the energy for a long time with special solutions. Refrigeration down or up to “+5” and “- 40” degrees can be done with eutectic plates. Eutectic plates are charged overnight. They store cold energy and slowly release it in the form of cold air, thereby they are cooling the area around them.

b. Structure of the Eutectic plates can consist of plastic, fiber or steel sheets. Plastic or fiber ones are lighter and cheaper. Steel plates are composed of two steel sheets that are cold formed and welded together by electrical resistance welding. The outer surface is covered with zinc as a thin layer. The plate contains a special eutectic solution with a fixed freezing and melting point. The eutectic evaporator (serpantine type) is located inside the plate and allows the solution to freeze. It forms the system together with semi-hermetic compressors.

c. Key Benefits of Eutectic Plates Zero Noise Continuous cooling even when the car engine is off Zero-emission, No fuel or energy required during delivery, Low failure rate, Environmentally friendly system, Low maintenance cost.

EUTECTIC REFRIGERATED TRUCKS ; The truck body, which is previously electrically cooled for 4-8 hours, then stop the charging and take out to the destination. During transportation, the cold energy loaded on the plates will be spent and the body will be kept at the desired temperature levels. This process takes 20 to 30 hours. Therefore, the body carries the goods through its engines at reliable and pre-set temperature levels for up to 24 hours without any energy consumption.

d. Connection of Eutectic Plates to Refrigerated vehicle storages For the assembly of the plate; special materials should be used, consisting of stainless nuts and bolts, steel profiles and a special anti-slip rubber.

MOBILE EUTECTIC COOLED CABINETS;  Mobile eutectic cabinets are preferred for frozen or chilled foods and the pharmaceutical industry. Eutectic plates cooled outside are placed inside the insulated cabinet. The number and capacity of plates are determined according to the desired temperature and duration of use.

CONTAINERIZED EUTECTIC REFRIGERATION AND COLD STORAGE Eutectic refrigeration can also be applied in containers. The system is the same as the system in refrigerated vehicle bodies. The number and size of plates are determined according to the material to be kept inside.


It is a reliable, environmentally friendly system. It is based on reusable energy. It is extremely flexible and can be used for chilled or frozen products. It consists of virtually maintenance-free plates and it can be adjusted in order to maintain a variety of temperatures for different applications

This technology provides high energy and cost savings during cold or frozen product transportation. The goods arrive at the final destination, regardless of the factors inherent in the driver and other factors. The coolant is not connected to the vehicle engine. Therefore, it does not cause additional fuel consumption while the vehicle moves. Another advantage arising from the use of eutectic type bodies is that the same body can be divided into separate compartments to allow simultaneous transportation of both cold and frozen products.

The chilled body with the eutectic system is completely independent of the chassis, so the constant temperature is always provided. After the eutectic plates are loaded, they provide reliable and rapid cooling for a certain period of time, even with frequent door openings. In case of a vehicle failure, the goods are protected. The eutectic system also does not use diesel.

The eutectic refrigerated bodies make it an environmentally friendly alternative that is compatible with both electric trucks and internal combustion engines. Due to the absence of zero emissions and engine noise, such refrigerated trucks are ideal, especially in urban areas. It is a thermal energy storage system that can be frozen again and again. You can charge as much as you need for your customer delivery and make your delivery without spending unnecessary energy. Since the system requires less energy, it provides continuous and even temperatures, thus facilitating maintenance and logistics and increasing profits.

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